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once again, I have to agree with you. There are some doctors that I 
have come across that I wouldn't let them take my temperature. I wonder 
how they made it through med school and a residency. Good one on the 

Joe "keeping my foot in my mouth" Nocito
(I really need to watch where I'm stepping)
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> Hi fellow "histonetters":
>  Although late into this thread I would like to add "my 2 cents" 
> (or "3 cents" due to inflation as Joe Nocito once said to me):
>  A certification, a credential, a diploma does not bestow 
> competence or ability, not only in histology, but in any profession.
>  There are licensed physicians I would not let treat my cat, or 
> attorneys with full bar credentials that could lead you directly 
> to the gallows.
>  This does not mean that a HT should be technology ignorant and 
> just with great dextereity.There are HT that do beautiful 
> histochemistry procedures but do not have the slightiest idea of 
> the chemistry involved, and this is not only bad, but 
> unacceptable. 
>  The HT, as well as any practicing member of any profession, 
> should know the science and technique behind the profession, but 
> the practical ability is not obtained by a test, as a matter of 
> fact, tests and grades are usually poor indicators of personal 
> ability and ulterior success in each profession.
>  A HT or HTL (ASCP) cerification is a wonderful salary bargaining 
> "tool" but does not guarantee quality of work. Quality of work is 
> only obtained through practice, by following standards of 
> performance, with PI programs and close supervision, "seasoned" 
> with a decent salary and deserved commendations and encouragement.
>  While in New York the great violinist Isaak Stern was asked by 
> somebody in the street instructions of how to get to Carnegie 
> Hall, and the violinist's answer was: "Practice, practice, practice".
>  René J. 
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