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Thu Feb 1 11:32:16 CST 2007

Hi fellow "histonetters":
  Although late into this thread I would like to add "my 2 cents" (or "3 cents" due to inflation as Joe Nocito once said to me):
  A certification, a credential, a diploma does not bestow competence or ability, not only in histology, but in any profession.
  There are licensed physicians I would not let treat my cat, or attorneys with full bar credentials that could lead you directly to the gallows.
  This does not mean that a HT should be technology ignorant and just with great dextereity.There are HT that do beautiful histochemistry procedures but do not have the slightiest idea of the chemistry involved, and this is not only bad, but unacceptable. 
  The HT, as well as any practicing member of any profession, should know the science and technique behind the profession, but the practical ability is not obtained by a test, as a matter of fact, tests and grades are usually poor indicators of personal ability and ulterior success in each profession.
  A HT or HTL (ASCP) cerification is a wonderful salary bargaining "tool" but does not guarantee quality of work. Quality of work is only obtained through practice, by following standards of performance, with PI programs and close supervision, "seasoned" with a decent salary and deserved commendations and encouragement.
  While in New York the great violinist Isaak Stern was asked by somebody in the street instructions of how to get to Carnegie Hall, and the violinist's answer was: "Practice, practice, practice".
  René J. 

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