[Histonet] Alizarin Red stain

Joel Reichensperger jreichensperger <@t> siumed.edu
Thu Feb 1 10:21:19 CST 2007

Hi everyone,

We are currently trying to stain osteoblasts for calcium using Alizarin 
Red S at 2%, but recently we have been having problems with the stain 
starting to gel within 10 minutes of making it and it also is not 
staining. I am not sure what we are doing wrong. It worked fine until 
about 3 weeks ago. Nothing has changed. Normally we see nice red areas 
of calcium and now we have no staining at all. We add 2g of Alizarin red 
S to 100ml of dH2O and then adjust the pH to 4.1-4.3 using ammonium 
hydroxide. Is anyone else using this stain and how do you make it?

Joel Reichensperger
Researcher II
Southern Illinois University 
Plastic Surgery Institute
217-545-7309 (Office)
217-545-1824 (Fax)

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