[Histonet] Off topic: Free samples of chemiluminescent substrates

richardkuzma <@t> michdiag.com richardkuzma <@t> michdiag.com
Thu Dec 20 16:22:52 CST 2007

   Michigan  Diagnostics  Is  offering  free  evaluation  samples  to the
   research  co   number, so we don   Luminol  based HRP substrate and dioxetane based AP substrate are what
   were    We  do  have  other  substrates for sale, including chemilumi   substrates  for  the detection of Beta-Glucosidase, Beta-Galactosidase
   and  Be   www.michdiag.c   Sorry  if  you  think this is too off topic. Please don't flame me too
   badly.   Best Regards,
   Richard Kuzma
   Production Manager
   Michigan<   Royal Oak, MI. 48073 USA
   richardkuzma <@t> michdiag.com

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