[Histonet] Cassette and slide labeling

Jack Cates pinetree110567 <@t> yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 17:08:34 CST 2007

I prefer the ThermoFisher system for many reasons.  1.  The Thermo units can be run from one PC.  2.  Thermo does not use ink, the Leica unit when it prints it prints a faint grey that looks ok at best only on white cassettes and if you use certain lab chemicals the ink comes off.  Also, the Leica costs a fortune to run, just like your home printer the printer is cheap... they usually give you the printer to get you buying ink and when you do the ink costs you an arm and a leg.  I have run a report and have printed over 15,000 cassettes on my Thermo unit for 22 dollars of foil, while the same amount would cost over $2,000 on a Leica printer, I bet Leica didn't tell you that, they didnn't tell me when I bought my unit.  Also, multiply that by two for both the cassette writer and slide writer!!!  3.  Thermo is selling their units through RA Lamb and TBS, this gives you more outlets for parts and cassettes and it has a much smaller foot print.
I don't want to sound as if I am bashing Leica, I have two microtomes that I would not trade for any other brand, it is just I feel misled concerning the cost and performance of their writers.

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