[Histonet] Leica microtomes, service and suggestion

Gayle Callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Fri Dec 14 18:20:45 CST 2007

TO:  Robert J. Schloesser, MD
        Visiting Research Fellow

Our experience with Leica has been one of extreme satisfaction for both longevity of equipment and service for all our Leica microtomes and cryostats over the past 27 years.  In fact their service has been above and beyond the call of duty  more times than once.  They have bent over backward to make things work for us, and will for you too, if you contact the company directly.  It is considered impolite and rather unprofessional to air personal complaints or bash any company/vendor on Histonet.   

However you did request a suggestion for an instrument to cryosection brain.  I would highly recommend what Leica has to offer as their equipment is excellent.  Either a cryostat, microtome to handle frozen brain or working with their vibrating microtome for fresh and/or fixed tissues. 

Always a satisfied Leica customer for microtomes AND cryostats 

Gayle Callis 
Bozeman MT      

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