[Histonet] Transferring frozen brain to fixative

Bob Nienhuis bob.nienhuis <@t> gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 19:11:15 CST 2007

We have just received a frozen human hemisphere, presumably
frozen in dry ice. The patient had a somewhat rare disorder.

We want to transfer it to formalin to do IHC. We routinely
do IHC on these brains using free-floating formalin fixed sections.
Therefore, would have to freeze again to cut.

Question: Best way to do this while minimizing damage

 1. Thaw slowly in cold (4C) formalin for a long time in order
     to allow fix to penetrate?

2. Thaw quickly and then put in fix?

2. Try to block while frozen with a saw?

3. Other suggestions?

Bob Nienhuis
UCLA / VA Medical Center
Los Angeles

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