[Histonet] nuclear staining

Valeria Berno valeria.berno <@t> embl.it
Wed Dec 12 11:18:44 CST 2007

Hi there!

I am performing a 4 labeling immunofluorescent staining on seminifereous
tubules. the antibodies I am working with are very good but the problem is
the nuclear staining: I rather prefer toto-3 staining to the DAPI staining
(it is easier to recognize the different stages of the cells).

SO the option are:

-to use the POPO-1(invitrogen) for nuclear staining:did someone ever try it?

-to use TOTO-3 for nuclear staining and label one of the antibody with the
Alexa350 (Zenon technology):did someone ever test this antibody on tissue?
(I have a 405 laser).

First of all thanks for all the past suggestion (always very useful) and I
am sure you'll be great this time as well


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