[Histonet] Glands in mouse fat

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:15:00 CST 2007

     I have a sample of adipose tissue from a mouse. The researcher
described it as subdermal "deep fat" from the back of the mouse. The tissue
appeared to have glands of some sort and I was having difficulty identifying
it. The tissue is islands of glands surrounded in adipose. The 'glands' have
a ring of cuboidal epithelium and a eosinophillic colloid of some sort
     My experience is almost exclusively on human tissue so I'm a bit
stumped. Initially I thought sweat gland or apocrine as it was near the
skin, but (...duh) no sweat glands in mice. My next thought was that it had
to be breast tissue. The histology looks the same (cuboidal epithelium,
colloid, adipose) but the researcher says it is from the back of the mouse
and he thinks the mouse was male. I asked if he was sure, it must have been
a mouse with one heck of an identity crisis!
     So, I'll toss this into the ring. Does anyone have any ideas as to what
this is. At this point it is really a matter of curiosity, but it is eating
me up! I really should get an atlas of mouse anatomy & histology. Any

Thanks much,
Amos Brooks

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