[Histonet] Variation in staining

Kemlo Rogerson Kemlo.Rogerson <@t> waht.swest.nhs.uk
Thu Dec 6 04:14:08 CST 2007

In the last two days we have noticed a problem with our sections having
areas that do not take up the Hematoxylin. This seems to be geographic
pattern that varies at different levels.  For example one level on the
same slide may show this effect, while the next level will be fine.  The
Eosin is not effected.  We have had no changes in our processing.

Odd problem. I do remember having similar problems of patchy staining
when using a rather 'weak' batch of haematoxylin (I grew my own); the
non patchy nature of the eosin suggests the usual culprit of poor
dewaxing of the slides is not responsible. Have you changed the batch of
Haematoxylin recently? Is it past its sell by date? Try a new batch or
another make.

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