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Hello Taben-

The easiest way to determine Schiff's reactivity is to drip a little
formalin into it. Should turn BRIGHT purple.  Try it fresh and remember what
it looked like for a baseline as it ages.  If you're making it yourself
(great fun--don't break the flask!!)--shelf life can vary.  Keep it in the
fridge and it'll last 6 mos to a year.

It CAN be used multiple times but it will be less reactive each time. Many
labs I know use it daily for two weeks at a time but you have to be careful
to verify intensity with the control tissue.  More consistent results are
had by placing the slides on their backs and dropping about 2-5 ml on the
tissue for the proscribed time, then rinsing in warm running water to
develop the color and clean the slide before counterstaining.  

I'm sure you'll get a variety of responses--hope this one helps.


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What is the shelf-life and stability of Schiff's reagent?  Can it be used
multiple times?

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