[Histonet] State requirements

Michelle McCoy mmccoy100 <@t> gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 02:36:03 CDT 2007

I'm a fairly new HT (ASCP) working in Florida. I believe some of my fellow
workers are FL HT without having taken ASCP (received HT before required to
take ASCP for state license). I was wondering if:
-all states or only some require ASCP now
-If all states requiring state licensing require ASCP to get the state
-If some states will allow FL HT (without ASCP) to work as HT in their state
(grandfathered in)
-who is eligible to do IHC testing in different states (in FL I believe you
have to be FL/HTL licensed)
-if the requirements to be HTL are the same in other states as Florida (FL
HTL obtained after 5 years experience or the ASCP/HTL passed before the 5
years of experience (for those with higher degrees such as Bachelor's)

Thanks for any information on this.


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