[Histonet] Epitomics Rb MoAb CD20

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Isn't MOAB - Mother of all bombs?   just a thought.

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[Histonet] Epitomics Rb MoAb CD20

Dear All

Does anyone have any experience with the CD20 rabbit monoclonal antibody 
from Epitomics?

I ordered and received catalog # 1632-1, lot # YD010904. My initial work 
up included diluting the ab 1:25 --> 1:200, HIER with Dako Target 
Retrieval low pH solution for 20 minutes in a 100 C water bath. Detection 
was with Dako Envision + for rabbit antibodies and DAB +. Human tonsil was 

used as control tissue. Results: zero, nada, zip, just blue. OK, cranial 
flatulence somewhere on my part so I repeated it the next day. Same thing. 

Glutton for punishment, I even tried it again.

I called Epitomics and received a replacement... worked it up as above... 
same results. Hmmm, guess what? It's the same lot number. At least the 
product is consistent.

I called the company again and received a replacement lot # YE042703... 
worked it up as above... you guessed it, same results. I don't think I'm 
doing anything wrong procedure wise. Has anyone tried a rabbit monoclonal 
CD20 from another company or had good results with this one?


Jim Burchette, HT(ASCP) QIHC
"A simple histotech from a little country hospital in North Carolina"
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