[Histonet] Paraffin embedding tools

Bill bill501 <@t> mindspring.com
Wed Aug 29 09:31:48 CDT 2007

Histotechnology, a discipline which still has much art and continues 
to baffle the regulators :-)

My Histotech was asking for a tamper and we discovered an aluminum 
pipe nail works well. Your local pipe and tobacco shop usually has a 
jar near checkout. They work very well.

We have added a Tobacco Shop, Beauticians Supply and Dollar Store to 
our Lab supplier's list.


At 8:10 AM -0500 8/29/07, Janice Mahoney wrote:
>Another very creative idea one of our techs had was to use the top of a
>flat head screw.
>What is that phrase...necessity is the mother of invention?

Bill Blank, MD
Heartland Lab

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