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I have got the recommendation from an experienced ISH-worker, that one
should airdry cell-preparations up to one day.
Usually the cells adhere better to the glass-surface, when they airdry
For ISH airdrying (aging of cells) is a kind of pretreatment, that is
continiued by digesting.

In the protocol of this worker:
Airdry until the next day - fixation in icecold Methanol-acetic acid (3+1)
until ISH-test.

Hope this helps 

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Hi histonetters,


I got a protocol for ISH for cells and there is a step, which looks very
strange for me: After cytospin cells on glass slides let them air dry at
RT for 60min. Is it not too long for the 60 min drying? Will cells
remain on the glass in this case or there is a risk pop off cells from
the glass?


Thanks in advance,



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