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When making up a buffer solution from salts what is the best practice:
To measure out the dry salt, place in beaker and then add the required
volume of water (ie up to 1liter) OR Measure out the 1liter and add the
salts to that? ( I am asking in the context of making a 10x buffer soln,
where the solute weighs up to 150g)

Is there in fact any difference??

Bit like do you add milk to tea, or tea to milk (we all know you add
milk to tea, don't we?). You add acid to water, not water to acid and
alcohol to water, not water to alcohol.

I would have thought you should add water to buffer salts as if you do
it the other way round (buffer to water) you would end up with a volume
greater than you ought. For example if you have 100 mls of aqua dist and
you add salts you end up with more than 100 mls. Put the salts in first
then make up to 100 mls; makes sense?

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