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One method, pour paraffin into several sizes of plastic containers (like Tupperware or cheaper versions). Just enough to pin a specimen onto, but leave room for formalin. Let them harden and pin specimens onto paraffin and cover with formalin.
We used to wash and reuse several times. One annoying thing, the paraffin block or sheet would eventually loosen and float. They can be used that way by taking the paraffin out for pinning and placing it back in the container floating upside down.


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When we receive large specimens such as colons, our pathologist opens
them to let them fix overnight.  We used to have large specimen
containers that had a piece of rubber glued to the bottom of the
container so we could pin the specimens to hold them open for better
fixation.  Little by little our supply of containers with rubber have
decreased and we are unable to find a replacement.  Does anyone know of
a vendor who sells these or can you share what you do to hold open
specimens?  Thanks in advance, Karen :-)
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