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Fri Aug 24 10:45:51 CDT 2007

Hi Jacqui:

    Most histology texts deal with histology with at most one chapter on 
how tissues are prepared. If you want to know about staining you need a 
book on microtechnique or histological technique. It sounds like you 
need both books. Quite frankly, it sounds like you need to find an 
expert to consult with, you will be way ahead in time and money in the 
long run.


Jacqui Detmar wrote:
> Hi all.  I am posting this message for a friend that works on mouse imaging here at Toronto.  Here is her message:
> MICe (the institute she works in) wants to buy a histology textbook to help us "figure some stuff out".  We just want basic info on histology, info on which stains are best for which tissues, and hopefully some detail on histological stains for the brain. 
> I'm pretty sure they would like something solely for mice, but a general histology book would probably do well, too.  Thanks!
> Jacqui Detmar
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> Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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