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There is a wonderful publication on making a combined Gram negative and 
Gram positive control in J of Histotechnology, December 2006.   The author 
is Kristine J. Vaughn (do not have email contact here) but I will CC to my 
home email so I can put you in contact with her.  She has reprints 
available, and will be delighted to send you one.  Her method is simple and 
very effective, plus addresses biosafety issues with human tissue use.   If 
you are a member of NSH, you can contact JOH and request this reprint free 
of charge too.  Go to the NSH website, then click on JOH for this request.

     At 04:57 PM 8/17/2007, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I would like to hear your ideas on the best way to grow gram positive
>and negative organisms in tissue. It would have to be tissue that is not
>fixed so, what do you use? Did you grow the organisms, inject into
>tissue and then put into incubator? or do you grow organisms on agar and
>place tissue on it and incubate? or in a broth? Thank you for your

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