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Thu Aug 16 19:10:51 CDT 2007

You'll laugh--but this works GREAT.   On top of the sponges a couple of labs
I've worked at used white C-fold paper towels cut to size to lay against the
biopsies.  They process well, lift RIGHT OFF without sticking as long as the
toweling was damp when the needle bxs were laid on them.  No trebeculation
from the sponges--and they were FLAT. 

It would layer like this:

damp sponge, 
cut paper towel, 
cut paper towel, 
damp sponge, 
cassette lid.

If you wanted to dye them squirt eosin or merchurichrome on the cassette
once closed and they stain.

Amazing-and pretty much free.  It works with EMB and other 'sticky' stuff
like FNA buttons.

Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc.
Staffing the AP Lab, one great tech at a time.

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Is anyone using anything other than sponges in their cassettes for prostate
needle biopsies?  If so, do you find that it works better?
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