[Histonet] Safety advice for non-toxic clearing agents

Martin S. sonya.martin <@t> soton.ac.uk
Wed Aug 15 05:59:37 CDT 2007

Hi All,

I have recently tried Methyl (or should that be Ethyl!!) Green
counterstain with DAB and find that it gives much better contrast than
my haematoxylin.  I only do frozen sections and I have everything set up
so that I can use an aqueous mountant. For the Methyl Green (Vector) I
need to dehydrate and clear before permanent mounting. The problem is I
do not have easy access to a fume cabinet. I have Histoclear from RA
Lamb and Vecta Permanent Mountant both of which are classed as non-toxic
so I'm presuming I can use these on the bench. I only need to do this
now and again so I wouldn't have the staining baths permanently on the
Just wanted to get a bit of feedback from you wise histonetters about
wether or not this sounds 'safe'.


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