AW: [Histonet] Leica autostainer w/integrated coverslipper

Gudrun Lang gu.lang <@t>
Tue Aug 7 08:46:37 CDT 2007

we have been using the leica stainer with adapted coverslipper for one year
now. In the beginning there were some problems with the software. The
stainer just stopped by accident until somebody recognized it and started it
But these problems were solved and now it works like a clock. We have
installed two parallel HE-protocols and some assistence-protocols for
deparaffination and dehydration. Our stainer has the oven inside - so we can
put in the paraffin-slides and get the ready-coverslipped slides out. The
coverslipper is very reliable. We stain 200-300 slides per day within 3-4
hours with continuous loading. - depending on your protocol (ours is 65 min
all incl.)
For our purpose it's very good. The software could be faster.
Hope this helps and regards

Gudrun Lang
Biomed. Analytikerin
Akh Linz
Krankenhausstr. 9
4020 Linz

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Could anyone tell me if they're using the Leica AutoStainer XL (ST5010)
with the integrated coverslipper (CV5030)?
Also, can you tell me if you've experienced any trouble with it and how
long you've been using it?

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