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I have done a lot of VK staining of GMA and MMA sections.  It does not
really stain for the osteoblasts but will reduce any calcified tissue and
turn it black.  It is a very simple stain, I use 2% silver nitrate in dih20
with very clean and dih20 rinsed glassware.  Put the silver on the slides
and place them under a uv light or even in a window where light is coming
thru, this can take from 5-30 min to develop.  Pour off the silver nitrate
and rinse well with dih20.  We use a special H&E counterstain which will
stain the osteoblasts lining the calcified bone.  As an added bonus the
aqueous eosin we use will fluoresce.  The osteoid (not yet calcified bone)
can be seen under uv light as the eosin staining it will fluoresce.  We use
this method to measure osteoid thickness and the same slide on bright light
to measure calcified bone thickness.

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Hi all,
Have you tried just the regular Von Kossa stain?  The only problem I could
is the
thinness of the sections might result in a not-very-dark stain.

Does anyone have a Von Kossa protocol that works well with MMA embedded
specimen? We
are trying to stain for osteoblasts and any related calcium
salts. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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