[Histonet] Use of 1% AgNO3 in gross room

Kemlo Rogerson Kemlo.Rogerson <@t> waht.swest.nhs.uk
Fri Apr 27 02:13:56 CDT 2007


It's all right for you, your old and your life's nearly over, but think
of the Staff!! Those poor sods are instructed by the Pathologist to dunk
things in things with total disregard for life and limp. 

I'm the one suffering from a life of formalin inhalation, zinc ingestion
(your fault), lead ingestion (again your fault) and various other toxic
cocktails. Is it no wonder I'm sterile, losing my hair and have aching

The young are our future (god save us) and with reducing sperm rates we
can't afford to poison them any further (g).

<rests in the pulpit>

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