[Histonet] alkaline phosphatase antibody

docqian pex0220 <@t> yahoo.com.cn
Fri Apr 20 10:34:05 CDT 2007

Dear all,=0A=0AI have ordered one antibody-anti-human/mouse/rat alkaline ph=
osphatase antibody from one company. I have used it for immunostaining in 1=
d or 3d osteoblasts, however, the results are not so nice. It could not lab=
el the osteoblast membrane so well since I only find some small vesicles in=
 cytosol or membrane. But I read one artcile, they showed that alkaline pho=
sphatase antibody could label the membane strongly in osteoblasts.=0AIf pos=
sible, could you give some advice for this antibody? I am looking forward t=
o hearing from you.=0A =0A =0AGuofeng=0A=0A=0A      _______________________=
____________________________________ =0A=D1=C5=BB=A2=C3=E2=B7=D1=D3=CA=CF=
=E4-3.5G=C8=DD=C1=BF=A3=AC20M=B8=BD=BC=FE =0Ahttp://cn.mail.yahoo.com/

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