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Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 07:18:39 CDT 2007

  And are you surprised?
  Remember that histology is not even close to a science, it is an art and that is why each lab does things pretty much as they want to, as long as "things are OK", until one day when things are not OK any longer and they turn to Histonet for answers.
  In my personal experience: you do not need to leave slides for IHC at room temp. overnight; they will require melting the paraffin anyway and it is unnecessary the overnight step.
  Also you are right about "just above" the MP of the parafin; around 60ºC and the pathologists do not complain because they ususally do not have any idea on how histology is done, until one day also when they start complaining and asking WHY?.
  Heating sections to 95ºC is not only unnecessary but will affect some staining, like nuclear with hematoxylin.
  If you heat all your slides to just 60ºC, including those for IHC, keep doing that and do not pay attentions to others.
  Practice histology as usual, doing what is OK for you (untill one improbable day when there will be working standards for all labs, NOT).
  René J.

Diana McCaig <dmccaig <@t> ckha.on.ca> wrote:
  I was under the impression that the temp of the drying oven in a stainer
or a hot air oven if stained seperately should be aroung 60
degrees--just above the melting point of the paraffin. I have recently
been in a lab where they dry their routine and special stain slides at
95 degrees. The leave their immunos at room temp over night. Their
seems to be no complaints by the pathologists with the temp that high
but I was wondering what the averge temp others are using.
Thanks Diana
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