[Histonet] Picric Acid and teachers!

Patricia Adams alaskagirl1950 <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 21:19:46 CDT 2007

Hello all!
I have been working for the Vet School for about nine months now and have learned many things.
1.  When a cow is colored black it is in fact a bull.
2.  On the Nile River Hippos eat crocodiles.
3.  And deer have lights on their antlers, I am not sure if they have long lasting battery packs, or maybe extra long extension cords.  Of course maybe a few even have solar panels.
I have learned all of this from the person they hired to be my assistant.
I am also teaching her histology, having a bit of trouble teaching the gram stain and the concept of until the blue runs off.
We have not been discussing life changing events for the last few weeks.  I am kind of exhausted pulling up facts on the net to show her the different breeds of animals and the male and female of each breed.
I have also explained how the crocodile and hippo live in the same river, without the hippos becoming croc meat.  (or crocs becoming hippo meat).
And also that it is just a figure of speech to say "I know it was a buck by the way the light flashed off his antlers!"
So what do our schools teach?
Patricia Adams
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