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Wed Apr 18 09:50:20 CDT 2007

Just how you make Alcian blue has been unclear in the fifty or sixty 
years the dye's been on the market.

It is, of course, an entirely synthetic product - it doesn't grow in 
little blue flowers.

For many years Alcian blue was made in Germany, but the manufacturer 
decided that one of the synthetic intermediates (never publicly 
identified that I know of) was too hazardous to work with, and 
discontinued manufacture.

A number of companies in China, India, and elsewhere began to make 
Alcian blue and sell it. None of them ever made clear how they made the 

A few years ago Dick Dapson at ANATECH announced that he had invented 
an environmentally safe process for makiing Alcian blue, and ANATECH 
began to offer this product. They stated that they also sold it to 
other vendors - I don't know whether they ever made public who they 
sold it to. ANATECH's new synthetic process is also a trade secret.

Manufacture in China and probably in other countries continues. I 
receive frequent e-mail advertisements for Alcian blue and other dyes 
 from Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co. in China. (As a matter of fact, they've 
published an advertisement on Histonet today.) As far as I know, they 
have not publicly stated how they make Alcian blue.

If I were purchasing Alcian blue and related dyes, I would be concerned 
that the product I bought was safe for the environment and for the 
workers who produce it.

I have no connection with ANATECH, Suzhou Sinoera, or any other company 
involved in the manufacture or distribution of histologic dyes and 
related materials.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
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