[Histonet] alcian blue_ precipitation

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The dye required is Alcian Blue 8G. Alcian Blue 5G and 7G are similar, but carry fewer of the cationic substituents and are less water soluble. Alcian Blue 8GX (X for extra) has a higher dye content than does 8GS (S for standard). The stability of the dye is variable. Depending on the age of your dye lot, it could take approximately 1 hour to dissolve Alcian Blue 8GX into aqueous solution with a magnetic stirrer, then adjust the pH.

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dear histonetters
  When i try to dissolve the alcian blue (sigma) powder in acidified (ph2.5/ph1.0) dd water the stain isnt getting dissolved. When i try 1:1 alchol:distilled water adjusted to required pH its dissolving but isnt staining any of mucin cells in positive control. please help
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