[Histonet] Old paraffin sections

Till, Renee TillRenee <@t> uams.edu
Tue Apr 17 07:31:10 CDT 2007

What is your opinion of the effectiveness of IHC on paraffin sections that
have not been recently cut?  

I have been trying to do a PCNA on some liver paraffin sections. I was given
the paraffin blocks, but also some slides boxes of previously cut slides from
1 to 2 years old. Do you think this could greatly effect the staining of the
slides? I don't normally do too much liver staining, so I had begun adapting
my mammary gland PCNA protocol to the livers, when I was given a protocol
this group had previously used in several of their papers. When I try to
duplicate this protocol, I get faint staining to negative slides. I have
tried everything I can think of. Remaking solutions, using a newer secondary
in case the other had been frozen too long (though I've never had a problem
with that before), leaving the DAB on longer, anything that still is within
the protocol. The only thing left I can think of is the age of the sections.
The only other thing I can think of is that my secondary is from a different
company than theirs, and I can't do anything about that short of ordering the
other and waiting for it. I generally order my secondaries from Jackson and
have never had any problems with them. 


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