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Hi Greg, I did about the same as Rene` J. I used fresh fatty breast tissue  
and froze it unfixed in OCT to cut for control +plus slides. I think if you fix 
 it, it will not demonstrate the fat...the alcohol pulls it right out (on  
cytospin bronch washings anyway) . However, I stored it in a -60  degree freezer 
for future use. My controls always came out beautiful.
They keep just fine! A nice, thick control block ought to last you  ages.
Good luck.
Kari Zajic HT,MLT
I used to cut FS of (+) materials and stored UNFIXED in a -80ºC freezer.  
They were useful for several years.
René J.

Greg Dobbin  <greg.dobbin <@t> gmail.com> wrote:
Hello All,
I am interested in  hearing what other labs are doing with regard to having
good positive  controls slides on hand. Are frozen sections cut from normal
breast tissue  and stored? How? Fixed or unfixed? Room temp or freezer?
Thanks in  advance!


Greg Dobbin

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