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Hi Roxanne,
I see you've got a few responses to this querry.
Our Derm Path who also happens to be the big cheese around here runs
differential markers for Lymphomas in the Dermis.
We run quite a few CD markers(CD 3,4,5, 7, 8,20 to name a few) as well
as those mentioned by the others.
Our Derm Path also requests PAS(fungus), Brown/Hopps, and Colloidal Iron
on the majority.
Plus AFB and GMS on a few.
I would never DARE call this overkill, as I have no idea what needs to
be diagnosed on myriad of skins that come through our department.

I just call it Job security.   (as if....)

My question would be, do you have a pathologist interested in this
specialty, or would you just run the stains and then send them to a
Dermpath  specialist? 


Assistant Manager, Anatomic Pathology
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

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Hello all,
We are thinking of adding another client, but it is a derm client.  Can
anybody tell me what all antidoies I will need to have on hand?  I know
the basics: Melan A, Pan Keratin, S100, HMB45, etc--but what else may
they ask for? 
Thanks in advance,

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