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Formol 37-40% HCHO 	10 ml
Dist Water	  		10 ml
Absolute ethanol		80 ml

"Tellyesniczky recommended a similar fluid to the last, containing 50 ml
each of formalin and acetic acid and 1000 ml alcohol. This fluid is to
be distinguished from the author's acetic dichromate formula."
R.D. Lillie 'Histologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry'  4th
Edition. McGraw-Hill 1976, ISBN 0-07-037862-2

Tellyesniczky's fluid 

			Tellyesnic	Fekete	Opie		Lillie's
			Zky's				& Lavin	AAF

37-40% formaldehyde 5ml		10ml		5ml		10ml
Glacial acetic acid 5ml		5ml		5ml		5ml
Concentration	  70%		70%		80%		95-100%
Amount		  100ml	100ml		90ml		85ml

Page 34 of Lillie's esteemed volume.

"Trying to keep the old fixatives alive"

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