[Histonet] Re: Vision Biosystems

Aprill Watanabe awatanabe <@t> tgen.org
Thu Apr 12 10:10:44 CDT 2007

I use the BondMax for IHC staining.  I  love the reproducibility of the
staining.  I'm a research lab so the machine is 99% open for me.  The reason
it's not 100% open is you have to use at least one component of their
detection kits for every run.  I have switched to  their kits exclusively
except for some of the weird research antibodies and/or tissue I use.  I
have seen the ability to push titers out and use less antibody and reagents
per run than most machines.  It's very user friendly.  The hidden costs come
from the fact that you have to use their reagents for things like antigen
retrieval, wash buffer and dewaxing, but these reagents are worth the money.
I would recommend the machine for clinical or research work.

Aprill Watanabe, B.S.
Research Associate
Tissue Microarray Center (TMA)
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
awatanabe <@t> tgen.org

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