[Histonet] Simple device for holding bones

Linda Jenkins jlinda <@t> ces.clemson.edu
Wed Apr 11 12:40:17 CDT 2007

         You stated:
         "PS The recurring problem of sawing bones drives me nuts. The 
sawing bit is easy, you just need a saw, it's the holding of the bone 
that's the problem."

         Next time you are out shopping, pick up a melon ball device in 
assorted sizes.  They are perfect for holding a femoral head to guide into 
the table top band saw or while using the Stryker Saw.  They are also great 
for holding irregular shaped bones such as clavicles, etc.

         From the kitchen to the lab... :-)

PS: Now, if we could just figure out how to put those nifty stir bars into 
our home cook pots so we would not have to stand and stir...hmmm!

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