[Histonet] GI BX

Marcia Funk FUNKM <@t> mercyhealth.com
Tue Apr 10 09:18:36 CDT 2007

Histo Folks,

This past week we have noticed that our GI Biopsies look like a train rails running through.  Knives are sharp
and techs that are sectioning have been in the field for 10 years plus.  We do not process the GI's in a shorter
processing, maybe I should.  What are your thoughts.  Also we are using PARAPLAST Plus Medium for both
processing and embedding.  Do most labs use different paraffin for embedding ?  We have the Sakura
VIP Tissue processors.   I would appreciate any comments that you might share.

If you have sunshine send it my way as we are to get 4 to 8 inches on new snow today and tomorrow.


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