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Hi Jennell

The first and foremost concern is the temperature in the room. 85 degrees
is very warm for a cryostat. The cryostat has to work very hard to keep up
with the outside room temperature. If there is a way to get the room cooler
that would help. If not would it be possible to move the unit to someplace
cooler? I know I may be asking for the impossible but I am concerned about
the temperature in the room.

There may be many reasons why the block is chunking. Are you adding the OCT
to a warm or a cold chuck? It is better to add the OCT to a warm chuck.
Then the chuck and OCT equilibrate to the temperature in the cryostat at
the same time. If the chuck is cold or has a base of OCT that has been
frozen already and you add warm OCT sometimes the OCT doesn't hold very
well to the cold block or the cold OCT. Therefore there maybe chunking into
the block.

Since the room is very warm, it would probably be easier to only keep one
or two bottle of OCT open at one time. Your knife holder may also have
something loose, or the block holder may be loose. You also may need
preventative maintenance on the cryostats.

Please give me a call and we can discuss some of your issues in more

Best Regards

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So today I had a sentinel node from the OR. I had many frozen sections on t
his case but couldn't seem to get a good section. I couldn't even cut a
section without it chunking my block. Here are a couple things I noticed.
frozen section room was extremely hot...I would say about 85 degrees. I had
make all knew chucks b/c the one's in the cryostat's were old. we had
previously opened bottles of oct. They all had condensation in them. The
chucks that
I made had been sitting at room temperature. I need some help
the fact that with both cryostat's the 1800 and the 1850 keep biteing into
chuck without advancing it. Please help...thanks Jennell

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