[Histonet] Isopropyl has been used

Madary, Joseph MadaryJ <@t> MedImmune.com
Fri Apr 6 12:18:47 CDT 2007

There was an article done by folks at AFIP(I remembere cutting and
working on this project), in the Journal of Histoechnology 10-15 years
ago on something called clearing infiltration mixture.  It is what u
say, hot isopropyl, and a mixture of hot iso and paraffin before the
full paraffin.  It worked, lots of things "work", but a well-ventilated
lab we determined at the AFIP to stick with xylene.  It was better.  The
CIM worked, but xylene as the clearant was easier to cut blocks.  The
playing with the misture of the iso and the paraffin was a pain too,
vendors will usually not warranty processors if you use that stuff
either when the lines get clogged.  I wish we had a better sub as well,
but seems like after 30 yrs of this stuff I still go back to xylene.
You could always use cedarwood oil........I am being funny, that is a
great one, but is a neurotoxin and has to be cleared anyway.

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