[Histonet] Re: Slow Myosin heavy chain Abs

Carl Hobbs carl.hobbs <@t> kcl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 5 13:54:24 CDT 2007

Be careful with mouse embryonic tissues: they do not neccessarily express 
the classical adult profile of immunostaining, imho.
The Novacastra Ab is great.
     I just happen to use Chemicon's mab1628 which is equally good for pwax 
mouse sections, optimally after HIER.
I assume that you will be using adult mouse muscle to confirm the fidelity 
of your embryonic positivity?
If yes, you must, again imho, also use an anti  fast MHC Ab: Sigma's MY32 is 
very good for me.
    Demonstrate  that anti MHC fast/slow Abs work as expected on a 
particular adult mouse muscle ( one that has a mixed population of fast/slow 
fibres) then use anti fast AND slow MHC on your embyronic sections on the 
same muscle, as your control.
Also, imho, you must use an anti Desmin Ab, for the record.
Just my opinion........
Please come back with your thoughts..and then results!

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