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Rene, phillip et al....

Schroedinger's cat, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the
Westinghouse effect are all versions of the same thing, namely that
the observation or measurement itself affects an outcome, so that it
can never be known what the outcome would have been if it were not

Misuse of Heisenberg's principle: http://www.slate.com/?id=2062844

On 9/27/06, Rene J Buesa <rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
> No, that is Heisenberg's incertitude / uncertainty principle.
>  René J.
> Phil McArdle <pmcardle <@t> ebsciences.com> wrote:
>  Hi, and another "vendor response" if you'll forgive me:
> I don't believe that specs matter much for the neon bulbs in this
> application, the reason being that the microwaves are directly exciting
> the gas contained in the bulb; since it's not "electrical" per se, specs
> like voltage or wattage shouldn't matter. Do a google or yahoo search
> and you'll find lots of suppliers; go for the cheapest, and you DON'T
> need the type with a built-in resistor; the ones we used in the past
> were about 1/4" long and we clipped off the leads as short as possible
> (our design encased the bulbs entirely, so we didn't need the leads to
> hold the bulbs in place).
> Although we don't sell them, you can buy a pre-made neon bulb array from
> other sources, including Electron Microscopy Sciences (www.emsdiasum.com).
> It's apparent from your query that you're trying to quantify and
> document your microwave's performance, and we applaud this effort.
> However, you should be aware of limitations of what the array shows. At
> EBS we've found neon bulb arrays of limited practical usefulness for the
> following reason: any microwave's field changes as soon as anything is
> placed into the chamber. That said, the very fact that you're placing
> the bulb array into the chamber alters the microwave energy field.
> (Isn't that the "Westinghouse Effect:" the act of observation changes
> what you're trying to observe?) It is possible to re-test as you place
> different equipment into the microwave, for example, a Coplin jar, a
> 100mL container, etc., but the array also only shows what's reaching the
> chamber floor, not what's being absorbed by the equipment. It should be
> stressed that the array can reveal a major hotspot or cool spot, or show
> that your mode stirrer may not be working, and this has value since
> these are major defects that should be addressed immediately.
> Hope this helps!
> Phil McArdle
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> Angela Bitting wrote:
> > Hi Histonetters!
> > Anyone out there trying to make their Neon Bulb Array so that they can
> > test theor microwaves energy pattern is going to find that Radio Shack
> > doesn't carry that size bulb anymore and hasn't replaced it with another
> > item.
> >
> > Sooo, because the Microwave Toolbook doesn't really give a description
> > of that bulb, just the Radio Shack part number, I'm at a loss.
> >
> > Does anyone know what the specs are on that neon bulb or know an
> > identical part number. I'm sure Lowes or Home Depot must sell them, but
> > I don't even know what to ask them for.
> >
> > Help!
> >
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