[Histonet] Fatty unfixed tissues?

Vinnie Della Speranza dellav <@t> musc.edu
Wed Sep 27 08:27:43 CDT 2006

a neat technique that does NOT require the removal of paraffin appeared in =
HistoLogic May 2003 authored by Mickie Johnson. you can find it at =

>>> "sheila adey" <sheila_adey <@t> hotmail.com> 09/26/06 08:12AM >>>
Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any neat ideas about what to do with fatty=20
tissue that comes out of the processor not processed. We have done the=20
"squeeze" technique and then re soak in paraffin. That helps but any =
ideas? It's one of those pathologists who has to put everything in the =
it arrives and is not a thin slicer.

Thanks in advance


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