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There are many ways to hand coverslip; there is no wrong way, as long as it
turns out well.  I use Cytoseal-XYL from Richard Allan for hand
coverslipping.  It is xylene based.  It comes in a plastic bottle and you can
dispense it directly from the bottle to the coverslip.  

I choose the correct size slip for the tissue sample, and apply the medium to
the slip.  (you can also use the one size fits all slips)  Then, I place the
slide perpendicular to the slip and close it face down.  Be sure to have the
medium run from one side of the slip to the other, or you will increase your
chances of air bubbles.  Too much is better than not enough, and with only a
few tries you will know how much is enough.  Use a Kimwipe to wipe away
excess xylene or medium from the back of the slide and place it on a flat to

The slides need to stay in xylene until JUST before applying the coverslip.

Hope this helps.

Rebecca A. Davis, A.A.S., NYS LVT, HT (ASCP) 
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I just recently sent out an email regarding coverslipping. The question that
I asked was What coverslipping medium do you all recomend? I am covering H&E
slides. I would also like to know any tips for coverslipping since I will be
doing it by hand.

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