[Histonet] Fatty unfixed tissues?

Anne Van Binsbergen vanann702 <@t> skmc.gov.ae
Tue Sep 26 07:53:03 CDT 2006

Sounds like your pathologist needs a few lessons in the 'dos and donts'
of grossing. 
Garbage in garbage out.
Now if I was the tech in charge, here is what I would do - and HAVE
done....give him sections from the garbage he has grossed.
Quietly reprocess the blocks, cut and stain them and then present him
with what he 'could' have if he follows certain golden grossing rules. 
They are all in such a flipping hurry and the quality of the end result
gets compromised for a 'neat' turn around time - drives me bananas

Today we had staples in some blocks and my techs were bleating. I told
them to cut what they could and submit 'shredded' sections to the Path. 
Have not had a single complaint from him about the sections. He knows he
should have checked for the staples!

Pathologists need to be trained - well perhaps not ALL of them!!
That's my 2 cents worth from out here in the desert
Annie in Abu Dhabi

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Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any neat ideas about what to do with fatty 
tissue that comes out of the processor not processed. We have done the 
"squeeze" technique and then re soak in paraffin. That helps but any
ideas? It's one of those pathologists who has to put everything in the
it arrives and is not a thin slicer.

Thanks in advance


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