[Histonet] flame Dako

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Mon Sep 25 09:24:49 CDT 2006

Joyce is right, and in defense of DAKO - we use some DAKO products and when 
all the problems erupted with their computer update, we contacted our DAKO 
rep, who advised us to order products by FAX or through him.  He advised NO 
TELEPHONE orders, and probably not order on line either.   Some computer 
glitch created havoc saying things were backordered, when in reality, 
products were sitting on the shelf.

You may not want to CALL DAKO, email them instead.  I am not about to give 
up my beloved DAKO chromogens until Hades freezes over.

Good luck

At 06:02 AM 9/25/2006, you wrote:
>I've used DAKO products for a 100 years and fully believe in the company. 
>In their defense, they upgraded their computer system, and it has been a 
>Be patient and they will be back to normal before long. Keep in touch with 
>your rep - if you don't have one that pays attention, then call DAKO and 
>let them know.
>Happy Monday!

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