[Histonet] Black Walnut stains

Susan Owens ohenry <@t> dfw.net
Tue Sep 12 02:27:06 CDT 2006

Guys, I need some help...
Yesterday I decided to peel and clean some Black Walnuts to plant later. Now
I've never done this before....My walnut trees came from my father-in-law's
place years ago, where the trees grow wild in the mountains. When the nuts,
which look like hard green apples, fell from the trees he peeled the thick
hard outer cover then cleaned and polish the inner nut(taste great)...We
were there one Christmas and took several nuts home, planted them, and now
have several beautiful big shade trees. After all these years I decided I
needed more trees(lost several oaks) and I wanted to replace the oaks with
the walnuts...........Sooooooo since they are falling now, a collected
several and started the hard job of peeling.....Under that green outer skin
you fine a light color(yellow-green) meat covering the nut.....I had peeled
a few when I saw that my hands were dirty....Well, it wasn't dirt.....Seems
the clear juice coming from that meat turns brown-dark brown after a
while.....I have tried everything and nothing will touch it.......Surely
someone out there knows what to do!!!! HELP!!!!!

Susan, who should of wore gloves,but who knew.
ohenry <@t> dfw.net
Ohenry Labradors

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