[Histonet] Decal

Traczyk7 <@t> aol.com Traczyk7 <@t> aol.com
Fri Sep 8 23:29:23 CDT 2006

Okay...first, thanks to Pam Marcum of UPenn for directing me to a kit  
available from Polysciences.  Sorry if my original subject line was  misleading.  
What I want to do is figure out how long the decal  solution continues to be 
effective.  My client is happy with their  technique of determining when the 
sample is sufficiently decalcified.   Right now an adult rat femur is placed in a 
50ml centrifuge tube with  approximately 30 ml of EDTA.  The tube is placed in 
a rack on a stirrer,  the solution is changed once a week.  I was thinking if 
they  increased the volume of solution, or changed it more often, it would 
take less  time to completely decalcify the sample. Am I on the right the track?
Now I'm curious about the device that Dr. McCormick mentioned.  Is  anyone 
using it?

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