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Not to change the subject - but how does one continue working with co-workers who do not always tell the truth? Especially whe they mistrained you?  I have been working here for just over a year and have been discovering that the others that work here do not always revial the correct ways.  I should be able to read the  procedures - but they are the ones who wrote them and state that it has changed and the book is not updated.  I have taken issue with my managers and it comes up to my word against theirs - they have been here for years - so what to do?

>>> "Wesley Simms, MD" <wsimms <@t> mcintoshclinic.com> 9/7/2006 12:40 PM >>>
I would find another job.  The guy's obviously a liar, and if he would lie 
to you about the encumbrances of hiring help, he will lie to you about 
anything else.  Why work for someone you can't trust?
Wesley W. Simms
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> Ron:
>  There have been 2 outcomes to your situation:
>  1- you know now how your boss REALLY is, and
>  2- you found out that he prefers to keep you although this does not mean 
> at all that you have him under your thumb.
>  On the other hand you have to determine how do you feel working for him 
> and if the stress is worth while.
>  This is a very personal decision to take and you have to analyze the 
> situation as objectively as possible and you could even discuss your 
> feelings with him and how you realized that he was able to hire somebody 
> when confronted with your resignation.
>  Perhaps talking this over with him will end in a good working 
> relationship. He will realize that you have been frank and forthcoming 
> with him and this is a quality always appreciated.
>  Just my opinion!
>  René J.
> Ron Martin <Pathrm35 <@t> adelphia.net> wrote:
>  Fellow techs,
> I would appreciate some input on my current situation. I started a new
> salaried position a few months ago. I figured I would be working about 50
> hours a week. I am working 60-70 hours (5-7 days) a week. All my lab
> personnel are working as much OT as they can. I told my MD that I could 
> not
> work at this pace for another month while we awaited approval (just
> approval, not hire) for a new tech. I was told that if I couldn't work all
> the hours to give my 2 weeks notice. I did give my notice and within 10
> minutes I had a new tech hired. My question is this: after seeing his true
> colors, what would all of you do? Would you stay with him or leave after
> your probation is up? I know there are plenty of histology positions out
> there, but trying to find a good company that has a MD that will treat you
> half way decent is becoming nearly impossible ( here in Florida at least).
> Sorry for the complaining but I would appreciate some input.
> Thanks,
> Ron Martin
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