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Short answer: Yes, an HT with no degree can supervise a lab. 

In the end the pathologist laboratory director is responsible for what
comes out of pathology and he/she can delegate duties to whomever they
wish (in fact, the pathologist lab director has sole technical
responsibility for histology lab results. No histotech anywhere that I
am aware of signs out anything). The duties in the supervisor role are
administrative by definition so do not require any special skills beyond
administration. If the person is involved in testing procedures then
they need to show proficiency for that, but that is another matter.  I
have been in labs in which the supervisor was a managerial-type person
with no knowledge of histology. They also had "senior techs" who handled
the technical side. It worked out ok since the supervisor did not delve
into technical matters beyond financial concerns. 

Tim Morken

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Are there folks supervising histology laboratories that only have an HT
certification and not a degree?  And.............

What do the governing organizations say about this?     I know I can get
the information but wondered if anyone had a quick answer.


Jim Vickroy

Technical Supervisor - Surgical and Autopsy Pathology

Memorial Medical Center


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