[Histonet] stupid question

ereagan2005 <@t> aol.com ereagan2005 <@t> aol.com
Thu Oct 26 05:14:39 CDT 2006

i know to all you vets out there this might be a stupid question but here it goes.  i was on the job trained and it was ingrained into me to shut down and fumigate the cryostat after a hep or tb pt.  what i was never told is why.  is it a universal precaution does it effect the outcome of other tissue cut in that cryo?  try not to make me feel even more stupid but i really don't know why.  i do it but i just can't explain to anyone why.  
ALSO--------- i am looking for help i am in the Hampton roads Virginia area and i need someone, anyone with any experience level to help me in the mohs lab i work in.  
just so you all know i am so glad i signed up for this, i learn something new everyday!  so if anyone can help me i would much appreciate it.
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