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David Henriks henriks <@t> southbaytech.com
Tue Oct 24 14:15:47 CDT 2006


Perhaps you missed what I was responding to.  I have pasted it below:

"Jane asks Histonet about product "A" 

John has used product "A" and has had many documented problems.

John responds to Histonet and Jane about product "A".

Product "A's" people calls John's boss because they did not like John's
comments which are documented and true.

So John should not answer Jane's question?  

Douglas D. Deltour HT(ASCP)"

I was responding to a question in the same form in which it was presented.  How is it that my response offended you?  How would my response possibly antagonize a customer?  Where do you get the "I make the rules" part?  

I'm serious, I really would like you to explain how my response was so offensive and how I would have antagonized customers.  Honestly, I really don't get it.




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Geoff McAuliffe wrote:

> This is exactly the kind of "I make the rules and you should" concept 
> that started the current thread (and antogonizes customers).
> Geoff
> David Henriks wrote:
>> John should answer Jane's question.
>> John should answer Jane's question directly to Jane.
>> John  should not post his comments to the listserver as a whole.

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